Earning a Hard Dick

Two beautiful slaves compete for dick. The winner earns a hard fucking and watches her slutty sister looser get punished. Once the Alpha Slave is established, the looser is her bitch for the rest of the night.Gorgeous Mia Li introduces newcomer Carter Cruise to cock service on the Upper Floor while a roomful of horny party guests look. Mr. Bailey put the slaves through their sexual paces while the Steward is on hand to ensure the protocols of the House are upheld.

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Hot busty Rachael

Bound Bitch in a corset

Don’t you love seeing Hot busty Rachael when she is brought to a house to be sexually humiliated, abused, and whipped… and whatever else the sick bastards there want to do to her. Which means her amazing tits get a thorough going over! She’s tied tight and man-handled and made to come. Then she gets whipped over and over on her tits and pussy. See her at TNAV Bondage

Anal Slut Gets Cold Steel Anal Invasion

When I jam the knotted into the crotch of this sluts tight nylons, I could swear that I smell pussy.  I grab her by the hair and start grinding out her first orgasm against the crotch rope.The rope wraps tightly around her fresh young tits. The nipples stand straight out, straining for attention, and I can’t help sucking the fuck out of each one. I tie that ass and pussy wide open, and put that cunt on simmer with a slow vibe. Working her up to the largest, heaviest ass fucking toy we have takes time, but it is so worth it to see this tramp struggle to bear it all.

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Puppy love! Chubby pet turned obedient bitch

Alexxa loves puppy play. She likes being treated like a pet, doing tricks and being obedient. However this is her first boy/girl scene and getting pounded by huge cocks is a new experience for her chubby little puppy pussy. The crowd enjoys playing with her and all of her new puppy toys. Beautiful Princess Donna leads her around with a leash and a muzzle makes her lick feet and asses and gives us a sexy treat at the ending. Eat it from a bowl bitch!!!!

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Pussy Punishment

Beretta oozes sex appeal, and This slut can’t wait to get tied and tormented. I decided that her cunt will be my main object to abuse throughout the day. She is suspended on a wooden pony,then I move her to the pain of the sybian against her raw pussy. The pussy torment continues with on orgasm after another while she is flogged and her tight asshole is fingered. Her leg is covered in pegs and flogged off before more cunt punishment overwhelms her body again.Beretta is tied in a pile driver position that exposes her whore hole for one final brutal beatings. Her cunt is so worked over that it will be a long time before she uses her cunt without thinking of me and the pain I inflicted on it.

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Training a Slut Girl to Fuck Better, Day One

A tight waist gives way to lush natural tits tipped with tender nipples. Cleavage leads to the nape of her delicate neck and up to pouty, slutty lips that beg to be fucked. And they will be well fucked.. However, she seems to finds it hard to be orderly when stripped half naked and whipped by a horny sadist.  I want to see this slut slave on her back, legs spread, pussy stuffed and well reamed reamed.

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The Slave Training of a Big Tit, Bleach Blonde Porn Star, Day One

When porn star Riley Evens comes to The Training of O, she learns that it takes more than a big set of tits, bleach blonde hair and an LA tan to be a slave.

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Sadistic Rope: Paying the Price- Intense Predicament Bondage and Brutal Torment

Tied to the girder Missy is tormented, made to cum, and then put into a flying hogtie suspension. next in what seems like a lounge type position, she is put into predicament bondage and her feet are subjected to brutal bastinado. Her feet are tethered to a girder as well as to her nipples. Her feet are to be held up, or her nipples with pay the price.

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The Violet Wand Finds a New Home

The Violet Wand Home

Going to the first annual Sin in The City event was an educational experience like none other. A wonderful time was had by all I am sure. Especially the ol’ Visa card. On top of many other new experiences, my new girl got a feel for the joys of electro-play and we ended up going home with a Violet Wand Kit from the very friendly and knowledgeable Dr Clockworks.

The Good Dr Is In

The Violet Wand takes the original Tesla coil and makes it portable as well as kinky.  But its origins can be traced to the early days of the traveling snake-oil salesman who sold medical cures from the trunk of his car or back of his truck.  The elector-stimulation devices were hyped to cure everything from baldness to infertility.  Dr Clockworks takes his marketing cue from these people and updates it all with facts, knowledge and a kinky sense of humor.

Am I hyping him?  Hell yes.  I love a vendor who takes his role seriously and is so creative in his presentation.  That, and he is a really friendly guy.  Its refreshing to find someone selling such a popular device who will spend the the time to walk you through the product process.  Not the sales process, not pointing to the most expensive or driving you to what he wants you to buy.  But to take what you know and think  and work from there.

Although I have played with the Violet Wand many times, this was the first time on the purchase side.  So having a man who loves what he sells was a great help as he talked us through and gave us demonstrations of the different models and attachments.

I also like buying from a vendor at an event because we can sample the products and get the real scoop on the equipment.  It also supports the small business person.

In this case, we were able to figure out what we wanted.  Not just buying a off the shelf kit, but able to pick and chose what made us happy while trying to stay within our budget. (not easy to do). We know what we want to add and what we will plan for as we play more with the new toy.

This is not a cheap toy by any stretch of the imagination.  It is an investment, so take your time and play with it/them.  There are several styles and they have different power/wattage ratings.  Make sure you know what attachments you want and what you can do without at the beginning.  You can always add later!!!

By testing them side by side, we found that the original unit was more powerful (and expensive) then the newer, lighter model that tickled, but not zapped to our liking.

Not one to just sell and run, Dr Clockworks stands behind (not in front of)  his product and is always there to answer your questions.

Safety Note:

No person with a pacemaker, insulin pump or other electrical implant should be allowed near a violet wand. Violet wand devices can and will interfere with nearby electronics, which include cell phones, watches and ipods. Worth repeating is to exercise caution when using this around someone with a respiratory ailment.




UPDATE: Pony Play Anyone??

Pony Play Las Vegas Events

You read that right.  We have a Pony Play Opportunity in Las Vegas.  As part of the first annual Sin in the City on March 1-3, we have assembled a few ponies and hope to attract more, for the Friday night party at The Power Exchange.

SO if you ever wanted an opportunity to play pony and meet others in the kink, now is your chance.  We have the carts and the help of a couple of handlers.  In a safe and inviting atmosphere. No experience needed, the other ponies and I will help you learn the fine art of being a pony.