Meeting My Domestic Servant Coach in Las Vegas

I’m 35 years old, I think I was happily married to a wonderful man I have known almost my entire life (now I know I am). We both have wonderful executive level jobs and raised two great teenage kids who are starting to look at college.  We also have a great sex life and do a bit of swinging when the right couple crosses our paths.

Other than enjoying sharing our love of each other with a selected couple of compatible interests, I have never seen myself as being “kinky” .  Never would I have imagined me being anything close to being called “submissive”.

That entire “Me Master, that you Slave” thing was for men who had exploited egos trying to get laid with women who had a weak mentality  and needed a man to make their lives complete.  That would not describe me or my relationship with Jerry, my husband of almost 15 years.

So why is it that I am skipping my weekly Zumba class to drive across town to meet with a “Domestic Servant Coach”?  Also known as, so I am told, in the kink world as “slave training”.

Add to all this, is that I have been looking forward to each an every session.  This is something I have been doing twice a month for the last three months.

Although it is complete nonsexual coaching and conditioning, it has added a new, more lust filled dimension to my sex life with Jerry.  It has helped our relationship considerable and I never even realized it was needing help.  Not to even mention what it has done to our overall life together with our friends and family.

Go Back To The Begining! 

First off, I work as a glorified secretary in the financial industry.  Where our prim and proper looks, manners and outward appearance to the general public needs to be stellar and sparkling.

My daily appearance is prim and perfect hairstyle.  Hair to can be long, but not “too long” and not cover the face.  A proper blouse that shows off the build but does not flaunt them!  A well-fitting (expensive) bra to hold up the girls that are naturally full 38 D’s.  Matching panties underneath a designer labeled skirt that are never above the knee yet doesn’t always have to be below the knee.

Finish off the professional tease look with fine stockings or nylons that cover end in some low rise heels.  Never flats and always shined. No scuff marks.  Like I said financial industry standards of the prim and proper secretary. Just the right amount of tease while still making you look like that schoolmarm who never had sex…

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